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Grandma Phyllis's Corn Chowder 
Posted (2015-01-20)

 So today is cheese day, and given the time of year, when I began to think about cheese I immediately thought of the bacon and cheese buns that we always had along side my grandma’s corn chowder at family gatherings as a kid. This recipe is delicious!  And the ...
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I'm a Proud Hooker... Care to join me? 
Posted (2015-01-14)

 Not that kind of hooker! I’m proud to be rather accomplished in the art of crochet… which you do with a hook… so, hooker… ok I’ll stop now.  Want to know a secret though?  It’s actually not very difficult to become rather accomplished at crochet, ...
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Baked Potato Soup 
Posted (2013-10-07)

With the grey and clouds and rain, and potatoes in season, potato soup seemed like the perfect Sunday Supper! This one is like a baked potato with all the fixings - bacon, cheese, green onion, sour cream - soooo good. I've made a few recipes from this blog, ...
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Make a Wish - Falling Stars this Weekend! 
Posted (2013-08-08)

I remember as a teenager, I was always blown away by how many falling stars I would see the weekend of the Celtic Festival.  Being young and dreamy, I attributed it to the magical atmosphere that surrounded the festival and my connectedness to the universe.  ...

Another summer fruit recipe... Peach Clafoutis 
Posted (2013-08-07)

It's always amazing to me when I discover a recipe for something delicious and easy to make, that I've never encountered before.  How has it been kept such a secret?  Why isn't everyone making it? That's what happened this past weekend, when my mother in ...

Super Easy Summer Fruit Torte 
Posted (2013-08-01)

Have you ever made a torte?  I had not, but I will most certainly be making more of this one!  With an excess of yellow plums last week, I went looking for recipes and decided to try this one for the New York Times Plum Torte, which incidently is also ...
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Jillianne from Bayfield
Thanks for the idea! I was just looking for something to do with my basket of peaches today and now I know. But now you have me wanting to go out and find some plums!
CIDALIA CABRAL from goderich
hope you are feeling better it was nice hearing you today, i too love to bake. i took the receipt and will be trying it tomorrow love to bake and to eat i also am having a wonderrful time with the contest, ida and I have a birthday aug 16 and what a great getaway that would be ha ha take care
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Eye of the Toyger 
Posted (2013-07-24)

I came across a news story today about the birth of a Zonkey at an animal reserve in Italy.  A zonkey is the result of a romantic encounter between a donkey and a zebra, and they are adorable.  As often happens when I find something like this ...
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Did I Just See a Sky Lantern? 
Posted (2013-07-19)

So Wednesday night, Dave and I were sitting out on the deck and saw something in the sky.  Something that I had never seen before, and it looked like it was on fire. I frantically tried to take a picture, but all I had was my ipad and it takes really grainy photos, ...
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Latest Crafty Adventure - Amish Puzzle Balls 
Posted (2013-06-18)

So it's been a while since I've been very crafty, but that's about to change! Cruising Pinterest, I came across Amish Puzzle Balls, and found inspiration for a new project.  They are pretty cool - there are 3 identical pieces that are put ...

Success! My First Tiered Wedding Cake  
Posted (2013-05-27)

It was one of those things I could imagine myself doing.  I'd seen enough cakes stacked and put together on shows like Cake Boss, made enough birthday cakes with intricate details and I have a sizable collection of cake decorating tools... I could make a wedding ...

Cream of Broccoli Soup - Without the Cream! 
Posted (2013-03-12)

Hey! So here’s the "Cream" of Broccoli Soup I make.  The cauliflower makes it thick and taste like you’ve made a cream soup, but without actually adding all that cream!  I got the idea to puree the cauliflower from Michael Smith, who used potatoes.  Also, ...

6 Beautiful, Tiny Jars of Homemade Ketchup... 
Posted (2012-09-07)

It’s been a long time coming. I adore tomatoes.  And there’s no better time of year to be a tomato lover than right now.  Each year at this time, I wonder how I will celebrate the fact that they taste better than they will for another 11 months. Two years ...

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