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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Province Preferred as Legal Pot Vendor

Regional | by Fadi Didi  
The majority of respondents to the latest Bayshore News poll say only government-run stores should sell marijuana

When it comes to pot shops, most people prefer to get their stash from the province.

In our latest online poll, we asked whether mom-and-pop style stores should be allowed to sell legalized marijuana.

Nearly two thirds of respondents would prefer government-run stores be the main proprietors of pot.

More than half that number believe weed should not be legalized in the first place, citing issues with addiction and potential access by young people.

The remainder of opponents to independently-run pot shops say the phase-in of sales should start slow, before expanding to small business owners.

Meantime, 20 per cent of voters believe small businesses should be allowed to enter the legal pot game, and point to grocery store beer sales as another unfair advantage for corporations.

18 per cent of respondents favour small business pot sales to avoid a marijuana monopoly.


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