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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Reports Find 100 Homeless Living In Huron County

Huron County | by Peter Jackson  
Document shows 14 per cent admit to couch-surfing, but figure estimated to be higher.

Homelessness is no longer an issue confined just to large urban areas.

A recently completed report shows there are 100 people experiencing homelessness in Huron County.

The document was presented to the County's Committee of the Whole Wednesday, but the County's Homelessness Programs Supervisor admits the numbers are difficult to assemble.

Erin Schooley points to the so-called "hidden homeless", who tend to move among relatives' and friends' homes to keep a roof over their head.

Schooley says just 14 per-cent of those enumerated in the report admit to couch surfing, but the actual number is likely far higher.

She notes that many who move from one temporary situation to another may not class themselves as homeless.

Schooley says the report was a significant undertaking, and could not have been accomplished without volunteers and agencies who talked with homeless people in a safe setting.

She tells us the report's findings will be passed along to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, in the hope that program funding to combat homelessness will become available.

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