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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Huron's "Out Of The Cold" Project Wraps Up

Huron County | by Vanessa Culbert  
6 guests stayed at mens-only shelter during winter months.

A pilot project in Huron County has wrapped up.

"Huron Out Of the Cold " looked at bringing homeless men in Huron County "out of the cold" to an emergency shelter in Goderich.

The project was in collaboration between churches and the Huron County Social and Property Services, and Lakeshore United Church Minister Kate Ballagh-Steeper says in total they had six men stay.

She notes, the number may not seem like a lot, but they were only open for 10 weeks. ( January 20th until March 31st)

Ballagh-Steeper says the mild weather also contributed to the low number of guests.

Ballagh-Steeper notes men aged 21 to 67 stayed.

She adds the men stayed various amounts of nights -- with  one man staying 25 nights.

Ballagh-Steeper says the hope, was homeless men will be able to connect with the right people to work towards permanent housing.

The project is the first and only men's shelter in Huron County.

Ballagh-Steeper stresses the men were grateful they could have the accommodation in Huron County, and not have to travel to London.

She adds, the men all had some sort of connection to Huron County.

Ballagh-Steeper  says they have not met with officials to see what the plan is for next year.

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