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Friday, November 10, 2017

Huron-Bruce MPP Hopes To Learn "Truth" In Gas Plants Case

Huron-Bruce | by Peter Jackson  
Tory MPP Lisa Thompson says the province is being held accountable for the 2011 gas plants scandal.

The Opposition in the Legislature will be watching closely, as the gas plant trial proceeds.

Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson says the proceeding will give Ontarians a close-up look at what she calls the Liberal practice of sweeping things under the rug.

Justice Timothy Lipson Thursday rejected a motion by the defence to have Laura Miller and David Livingston immediately acquitted, for lack of evidence.

The two have pleaded not guilty to mischief and unauthorized use of a computer.

They are accused of illegally erasing documents related to the government's decision to scrap construction of the plants in Oakville and Mississauga, ahead of the 2011 provincial election.

Thompson believes the Liberals were hoping that the gas plants scandal might go away as time went by.

She calls Thursday's move a victory for accountability, and that Ontarians will learn the truth behind the allegations.

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