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Country 104.9

Ian Solecki

Weekend Host

Oh, hello. I'm Ian Solecki... weekend guy and head chef at the new Country 104.9! Don't tell the other people here though, they'll be bugging me for food all the time. I'm still relatively new to this particular microphone and this particular area (less than 30 years here makes you a newbie, right?) but I was born and raised over in Owen Sound - so I know all about summer on Lake Huron (and winter... too... ugh).

Born: Owen Sound, Ontario
Real ambition: Prime Minister. Dream big, right? Vote Ian!
Last purchase: A shower curtain. (the neighbours were complaining)
Favourite word/phrase/quote: "Welcome to Earth!" - Will Smith, Independence Day
Before here: A few other stops in the Bayshore Broadcasting family of stations - Orillia, and Owen Sound before that.
Indulgence: BACON
Dangerous: BACON (shirtless)
Hidden talent: I can put away an entire pepperoni pizza without blinking.
Unverified claim to fame: I shook Stephen Harper's hand once. It was soft, like a puppy.
Pets: My sister's cat is named Puff... we all claim collective ownership. She's very upset... about everything.
Favourite song/artist/group: Blink 182. and all side projects!
If I could change the world: We'd all laugh a bit more. What's the point of this whole life thing if we don't have a little fun in the process?
Your perfect day: Involves a beach and/or pool, with a view (if possible), sun, heat, and maybe a cerveza por favor!




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